Oakwood Fruit Farm History

Our History

Oakwood Fruit Farm was started in the early 1900's by Albert Louis. The farm sits among the ridges and coulees almost directly east of Richland Center. The soils are fertile and the topography allows cold air to drain from the ridges where trees are planted. The family orchard was continued and expanded when Bill Louis joined the operation in 1934.

family.jpgJohn Louis became involved in 1955 and most of the orchard expansion has occurred since then. The first plantings utilizing semi-dwarf rootstocks were made in 1956. For the past 20 years all trees planted have been on dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks.

Today the orchard consists of over 200 acres. Over 20 apple cultivars ripening from early August through October are produced along with apples and grapes. Much of the fruit is sold retail through the farm market, but a wholesale division of the company moves a significant amount of fruit as well as custom packing fruit for other local growers.

What else is new...

If running an orchard was not enough work, the farm also milks about 100 head of dairy cattle as well as being involved in breeding Applouis Holsteins. Providing feed and bedding for the dairy farm is a significant portion of our business.

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